If you like reading and recipes, you will probably enjoy these other people writing about those same things:


9 thoughts on “Links

  1. camilla keeling

    After reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Love in a Time of Cholera I became a dedicated fan of ‘crullers’…..they just keep on eating them with cafe con leche and I began to long for them without knowing what they were. Turns out they’re deep fried circles of choux pastry rolled in caster sugar. Divine!
    I love your site,

    1. I love them too, and have developed a bad habit of eating them with ice cream. Something about the hot and cold takes it up a notch from eating them both separately. … And then I discover that I’ve just eaten two desserts and no real food.

      1. Wow, I’m blushing. What a sweet post – thank you! Any maker of biscotti is a friend of mine. I make them more than any other cookie, too … probably because people always think they take way more effort than they really do 😉

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